For Dessert


Kinda looks like a chicken leg, but it’s dessert. I had bought some Saint Agur blue cheese and pears that I wanted to put together, so I put pear quarters on an oven tray, sprinkled with a bit of cinnamon, and let sit in the oven for a few minutes while went to load an episode of Modern Family. Before I left the kitchen though, I noticed I had a pack of walnuts on my shelf so I threw a pair of those on the fruit, for good measure.

When I came back I remembered that I still had a pack of shortbread-like biscuits (see below), which I had brought back with me from a recent trip to Spain, and thought that their cakey sweetness would go well with the fruit, nut and cheese combo. I laid one out under the pear, put a thin piece of cheese in the curve of the pear (the cheese is strong so you don’t need to load on a lot to taste the flavour), topped it with a roasted walnut, and voila! Deeelicious.


I added a picture of the Spanish biscuit package if you’re curious about what it is. It’s called Torta de Povloron, or ‘powder cake’, and is a type of ‘montecado’ cookie which are sadly only made and sold over Christmas. Tastes like a very crumbly cookie, and made of very finely-ground almonds, flour, sugar and butter. Still if you’re ever in Seville, go to the above bakery (Los Angeles Bakery) – it has all the traditional Andalusian goods, and was packed with locals every day, especially around lunch time.


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