Hangover Cure

This may be a funny way to begin this blog, but I have to say that sometimes you just want to cross your arms and blink twice and have the food appear in front of your. This was one of those days. Weekend afternoon. I had gone out the night before so I was feeling the fatigue (aka, hangover) all day but I braved the cold and my degenerated body to run over to Sainsbury’s an hour before it closed and came out in a bit of a hunger-daze.

At home, I set the groceries on the counter and stared hungrily at the orange bags. “Why didn’t you get take out?,” A little voice in my gut moaned. My eyes went to the bread and can of tuna on my shelf. “So convenient… And accessible…,” it moaned again. Shut up, voice.

I wrestled with my purchases to decide what I could put together. “Save the sweet potato for tomorrow, you will pass out by the time it finishes cooking,” the voice squeaked. Truth. Okay, then, i grabbed the first item from the top of the bag. It was dill, so I began.

Another half hour later, I was taking a foiled fish (wild caught Alaskan red salmon, chopped dill, fresh chives, black pepper, and, for a twist, I added grated grapefruit and lemon zest) out of the oven to put atop a mountain of vegetables (courgettes, long red peppers, red onion, chestnut mushrooms, garlic, all chopped and pan-fried with virgin olive oil and spinach, fresh chives, black pepper, and a bit of rosemary, and few small pieces of Stilton cheese on top) and wild grain rice.

As I happily dug in to my very late and welcome dinner, I thought how glad I was that I didn’t go for the sandwich fix. My little culinary push awoke me from the post-booze haze, refreshed my body, and gave me something fun to do. Not bad for a hangover meal.


(note: my first time using my iPad for the picture and it didn’t turn out the best, still learning. Better next time.)


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