Cure the leftover blues

I still had my salmon fillet and some wild rice left over from yesterday’s dinner and no one around to feed it to and as much as I hate leftovers, I hate wasting food more. So I decided to make a leftover remix.

Going on my recent theme of stuffed vegetables, I decided I would stuff a long red pepper I had with a mix of the salmon, rice, and some other items (leftover courgette bobs, onion, garlic and spices all pan fried before adding to the rice mix). After baking the pepper in halves for about ten minutes, I scooped in the stuffing mixture and put back in the oven for another ten or so.

While that baked, I did some research and found out that almost every culture has a variation of stuffed peppers. Aside from the European or middle eastern varieties which I’m used to, Indian, Mexican, Scandinavian, Romanian, Balkan, Baltic, and Eastern European cuisines have their own versions of the dish. The difference is in the type of stuffing they use. In India, for instance, Bharvan Mirch, as they’re called, are stuffed with potatoes and onions and seasoned with chili, turmeric, coriander and other spices. This would result in a very different dish than, say, the rice- and herb- stuffed Greek dolma, or the ground beef, egg, rice, and cheese inside of American stuffed bell peppers.

One thing that seemed similar to all the varieties was that they generally stuffed bell peppers, and did not use fish on the inside. Well, mine ended up to be a little twist on that, but variation calls when leftovers beckon.


The result: no hint this hid yesterday’s dinner. Mmm, mmm good.

How do you spice up your leftovers?


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